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!!!Property Fraud Alert!!!


            Attorney General Michael A. Delaney issued the following consumer alert to all New
Hampshire property owners:

Consumers should be aware of mailings being sent to property owners throughout the state
from companies using the names:



The mailings appear to be official government notices recommending, "that all United States [or New Hampshire] homeowners obtain a copy of their current grant deed" and further indicate that, for a fee of $86.00 or $87.00, these companies will provide the property owner with a copy of their Grant Deed and a Property Profile.

The Attorney General advises that these companies are providing a service of questionable value and the information advertised in these solicitations can be obtained from any of the State’s Registers of Deeds for significantly less money. With deeds so easily and inexpensively attainable, the existence of these companies depends greatly on the public’s unfamiliarity with the county registers of deeds offices.

The Registry of Deeds is the office that tracks the ownership of every parcel of land and building(s) in Belknap County. Each piece of property is represented in a recorded document at the Registry; types of documents would include deeds, mortgages, assignments, discharges of mortgage, liens, covenants, plans and many more.

The Registry provides information to the 10 towns and 1 city in Belknap County, regarding the sale of properties for tax purposes. The recording of important documents is one of the oldest functions performed by the government. Anyone with an interest in genealogy will find the volumes at the Registry of Deeds of interest.

The Register of Deeds is a constitutional officer, elected to a two-year term by the citizens of the County. The Registry is the custodian and manager of a large number of documents in this County dating back to 1765. The process of recording documents is mandated and governed by the State of New Hampshire. All documents and plans are also stored at two off-site secure locations, with two different types of media, to insure we are able to recreate the Registry of Deeds in the event of a disaster.


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